"Health is not valued until sickness comes." ~Thomas Fuller

I have had back problems for the last twenty years. Up until the last five years, it has gotten worse. When my back would act up I would miss work for up to four weeks at a time. I couldn’t do much around home to help out. My family had to help me do the smallest of tasks, which I realized now I had taken for granted. I’m usually a very active person and love to play most sports, so this was very hard to accept.

I’ve tried all kinds of therapies, which seemed to help, but in time proved only to be temporary solutions. My in-laws suggested chiropractic, so I made an appointment with Dr. Kuehl. After my examination and X rays, he explained how two of my lower discs were twisted and could be straightened and aligned by using a tool called an Activator.

Dr. Kuehl was very professional and said he could help me. I was skeptical at first, seeing how no other treatments in the past had helped me so far. But now it’s been almost three months and my back is feeling better every week. I am exercising again and playing tennis with my daughter. Now, I am even giving her a run for her money.


Before I came to Dr. Kuehl – I had a back pain so bad I would be unable to go to work.  I work in the construction field where I have a very physical job.  This pain I would get came about twice a year where I would go to my doctor and he would prescribe muscle relaxers and painkillers.  After a couple of weeks I would be back to normal flexibility.

I have been going to Dr. Kuehl for a year to correct a very twisted spine which was undetected by my regular doctor.  Since I’ve seen Dr. Kuehl I have not had this pain.  Dr. Kuehl has also treated a case of Tennis Elbow which I had problems for months with my regular doctor.  With Dr. Kuehl’s treatment it was 100% gone in 2 sessions.

With my regular visits and stretches Dr. Kuehl gives me – I am living a much better pain-free life.  I am in my mid 40s and feel better than I have in 10 years!

Thank you – Dr. Kuehl.


My 8-year-old daughter was suffering from stomach pains and cramps. I took her to the medical doctor and they took an x-ray and concluded that she had constipation. The medical doctor wanted me to give her prescription laxative for the next 3 months. The doctor told me it would take 2-3 days for the laxatives to start working. I decided to get my daughter adjusted by Dr. Kuehl. By the time it took to drive home she told me he stomach was feeling better and she need to go the bathroom. Her recovery was hours not days with an adjustment and I was not putting medication into her.


I initially started seeing Dr. Kuehl for low back pain and severe spasms, but in addition, I had an underlying thyroid condition referred to as Hyperthyroid Disorder. It put great stress on my everyday life by causing irregular menstrual cycles, remaining constant for four months at a time and leaving me in a weakened state. I had been diagnosed with this disorder 8 months prior to seeing Dr. Kuehl. Every medical doctor I consulted suggested I undergo a process to, in essence, destroy my thyroid, so it would not function improperly – it would not function at all in fact – and put me on medication for the rest of my life. I knew that taking such a drastic medical route should be my last resort; also I decided to try corrective chiropractic.

I had previously seen another chiropractor, who didn’t practice corrective techniques, and saw no results, so I was a little skeptical at first. But I was reassured because my husband had been seeing Dr. Kuehl for herniated disks and pinched nerves for several months before my joining, and he had what can only be described as miraculous results – little to no pain whatsoever.

Within a year of seeing Dr. Kuehl, and following his treatment plan, my thyroid disorder has dissipated and my back pain and spasms are now minimal. My menstrual cycle is now right on track and I feel re-energized.

Chiropractic can completely turn your life around. It has changed my life forever, and I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for that.


I am a hairstylist so I’ve developed a lot of pain in my back and shoulders over the years and recently my knees have started to bother me. My knees would lock up on me sometimes and I wouldn’t be able to use the stairs. It got to be so bad I was thinking of having a knee replacement surgery within the next few years.

I met Dr. Kuehl and what he had to say was astonishing – everything you need to heal is done from within and not from the outside (IE surgeries and medications). Everything he said made sense so I decided to start my treatment plan without any doubts at all. He recommended that I keep up with my plan and said I would see results. My knees now work again and I no longer have back pain. I am so happy that I didn’t have to have surgery.

My husband, daughter and son-in-law all see Dr. Kuehl and have had great results. I have recommended it to several people because it works and you feel great.


I have had chronic back pain for the past 30 years. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer in the bone marrow. This has weakened my immune system in a big way. I have taken multiple medications for my diabetes and cancer issues during the past years. The back pain has continued and increased during this time so that physical activities and even walking had become difficult.

I tried chiropractic care at various times but never really stuck with it for any length of time. I was slightly skeptical that it would help me when I met DR. Kuehl however, I decided to give it a try with the hope that my body would respond well. He said that a series of low impact adjustments would be able to straighten my spine and help my back pain and get my body functioning properly to begin healing itself.

Since starting these treatments I have not had and colds or coughs and my back pain has been eased considerably. I am told my spine is much straighter. My cancer issues are improving and I give credit to my chiropractic care for some of that progress.

I like to tell my family and friends about my chiropractic care and that it really works. In my book, I give chiropractic care thumbs up.


I used to have mid-back pain, that on a scale of one to ten it was a six. I also had major shoulder pain. On top of that my husband and I have been trying to have a child for four years. We had not been in to see a doctor but wondered how long it would take. My parents and sister had seen great results from chiropractic so when they were screening at my work, I signed up right away to have a free screening.

We started chiropractic for those back and shoulder problems and my X-rays showed that I had severe twisting in my lower back along with a twisted pelvis.

I noticed that the pain was gone within a month and has not returned and it has been about 9 months. After my second X-ray Dr. Kuehl found that my lower back was straight and my pelvis was no longer twisted. Three weeks later we found out I was pregnant!

I have continued with chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy and I haven’t had any complications at all. I will definitely recommend chiropractic to anyone. My husband has even seen major results from being under chiropractic care. We are so thankful to Dr. Kuehl for all he has done for us and for helping us to have our little miracle.


Most recently I’d been fighting a cold with watery eyes and a runny nose. I had the cold on and off for 3 weeks and had an adjustment and the cold went right away! I always knew chiropractic helped with back pain, but didn’t realize it also helps the immune system function better.

I decided to try chiropractic years ago when I could hardly walk or dress myself. I had seen other chiropractors, but none that did spinal correction. My first impression of Dr. Kuehl was that this was a total life change – I had to take an active role in my health along with what he’d be providing for me through chiropractic.

I hardly have any back pain anymore and can live a normal active life!!! I wouldn’t be without chiropractic!


My family suffered from many common physical aliments such as back and neck pain, sinus infections and colds, muscle sprains, and one of my daughters suffered from severe stomach aches. We had successful chiropractic treatment before but on a symptom basis, meaning we only went when we had a problem.

So when I met Dr. Kuehl I didn’t have any doubts at all about spine correction and now chiropractic is our first line of defense. Dr. Kuehl really takes the time to listen to our physical ailments, which is very nice. He recommended that we stick with the adjustment plan if we wanted to see great results and we have done so. My daughter’s stomach aches are fewer and a lot less severe and my whole family seems to be in a better state of health. We seem to get sick less often and when we do get sick, it’s for a lot less time than before.

Chiropractic is now a major component of our family’s preventative health care.


I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol which has caused me to have chest pains, weakness and headaches at night. This has plagued me for over 10 years now and I have been on 3 different blood pressure medications, low dose aspirin, and used an inhaler.

My wife made an appointment to see Dr. Kuehl for back pain and after a few weeks was already moving around better. We attended our DR report where Dr. Kuehl explained how the body works and how all medical conditions stem from the nervous system not functioning correctly.

By having the adjustments – it helps heal the nervous system – it just all made so much sense.

After 2 adjustments I already feel better, my breathing is better, and when I had my blood pressure checked – it was dramatically reduced! As I continue to get adjusted I am excited to get off all my medications and start to get healthier again.


I suffered from intense migraines that caused me to smell odd smells, nausea and even gave me some vision changes. These migraines would last anywhere from a few hours to a few days or more. I had seen many neurologists, and taken several medications for preventative care, but they rarely worked and caused me to have rebound headaches.

I had never been to a chiropractor before and I didn’t have much faith in them, I thought it was only for back injuries not migraines, but my neighbor invited me to try it after it helped her son. Dr. Kuehl and his staff were very knowledgeable in explaining how important it is to unblock the pathways and allow the healing power in my body to work. Dr. Kuehl recommended I start treatment right away.

I started treatment in July of 2007 and my migraines ceased almost immediately, and never missed an adjustment. Now I have only had a few minor headaches. I highly recommend this form of treatment and plan to continue with maintenance. It has changed my life and I no longer have migraines that interfere with it.


Dr. Kuehl was originally my parent’s chiropractor and suggested I give it a try. I had recently developed an ear disorder called Meneire’s Disease and it caused me to have symptoms such as tinnitus, loss of balance, vertigo, and vomiting. The dizziness was so bad at times that I could not walk or turn my head to the side without vomiting. There were days when I would throw up ten times a day. Doctors only gave me medicine for motion sickness which was not my problem.

After seeing how chiropractic helped my parent’s I had no doubts in it at all. I had no idea that a tool like the Activator could make such a difference and Dr. Kuehl was a really knowledgeable, easy person to talk to. He recommended tractioning, better posture, and various nutrition changes in my life style.

So, I did all that and my symptoms are still improving. Chiropractic care virtually fixed the problems my parents had been suffering from for years and I have recommended it to a lot of people. I fully plan on continuing to receiving chiropractic care.